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Is this a good motor ?

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this dood is selling a cheap electric motor locally for a very decent price.. im going to see him tommorow.. the motor is brand new and i DONT know if its good enough to use as the motor in a... i dunno geo metro ??

(Franklin electrique) 1105007436(v115hp 1/2- 1/6) RPM-TPM 1725-1140 ENCLOSURE ENVELOPPE DP FAL 8.5-4.3 hz 60 fr56sf1.0ph1 maximum 46cins b bracket included

i dont know JACK about motors so i dont know if this is a good motor or not
please respond asap.. i got about 12 hours till i have to haul over to his house and snatch it before anyone else does

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It's a 1/2 horsepower AC motor. What do you want to do with it? It is not of much use in a vehicle unless you have an AC controller.

For a passenger car EV you will want a 15 to 25 horsepower series wound DC motor (about 90 to 160 pounds.) Well, at least that is the most common route to building a road going EV.
not only that, but it looks like its single phase.

1/2HP continuous barely enough to get a heavy bike going. You'll need a much larger motor.
(v115hp 1/2- 1/6)
If it's 115 bhp it's a good deal. But I think this means: 115V and 0,5 bhp. And that is very very little power. guys just saved me 100$
i was wondering why it was so cheap

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