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Is this battery good?

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Hi all,

For my electric trike I had been using Lead Acid 48V 100Ah batteries which I now intend to replace with Lithium ion. I have two manufacturers near my place that have this type of batteries in stock:

Would this battery be able to deliver a better performance than the lead acid batteries. The manufacturer of this battery has said not to discharge for than 1.2C. Are they being overly cautious with this number? I thought Lithium ions would allow for a higher discharge rate. Is it OK if I have a discharge rate of say 2-3C for 4-5 seconds at best?

Looking forward to replies.
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Why not look for battery packs from wrecked hybrid cars there is shit
loads of them on ebay.

These Kia Optima packs have 9 30volt batts in a pack. Price about 300 bucks on ebay.
A little cutting on a band saw or saws all and can retain all the mountings. I have four packs
in my truck right now will put four more packs in the back box.


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