Kit comprises rolling chassis plus GRP fabricated bodyshell as per images. Comprising a 50 mm steel tubing frame plus Suzuki front axle and rear swingarm, the kit features a 5 Kw-Hr battery in purpose built bay, 3 Kw QS hub motor with an APT 27400 controller.

The outside of the body and both sides of the door will be finished in grey gelcoat. The floor bulkhead and parcel shelf will be made of 10mm marine ply, coated in GRP and bonded in place while in the mould to ensure close copy of original. Wheel arches will be bonded in place. Will runners can be provided separately or bonded in place as required.

Intended for constructors so some adaptation/improvisation needed for completion

No braking system included but all hubs drilled for brake disks

Battery management via bluetooth, 72 volt

Some parts are recycled/refurbished due to sourcing limitations. All in serviceable condition.

No hinges, glass, brackets or fittings will be included.