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ISO:Gen2 Nissan Leaf cv axles/inner joints

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Hey folks, I have another leaf drive train part I’m working on: vw 930 cv axle stubs for the leaf gearbox!

so I’m looking for some Gen2 leaf cv axles, actually just need the Inner joints.
So if you have a broken set, I’ll take them!

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I could be interested in some universal stub axles for the Leaf transmission outputs. What time frame are we talking?
I’d like to have stubs available with in the next 4months. still in the early stages of design.
Thank you for the prompt response. The time frame could work for me. Please keep me on your list of potential customers.
Will do, I’ll be posting updates on soon
got a pair of axles, thanks folks.
first prototype axle flanges made up as a result! Everything looking great, tight fit, but everything clears


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You have eliminated the extended length of the right-side output shaft and the steady bearing for it, but if someone's installation needs that length you could build a long version, right? Clearance for the flange would presumably be less of an issue in the stock location.
yes and no. things get expensive in low volume production. So the stub/ flange assembly is universal.

But! The Flange and the stub are an assembly, ei 2 separate pieces, so a longer flange or a spacer could be used!

the stubs are leaf on one side, and 25spline Subaru on the outer. SubaruGears makes stub flanges for the Subaru splines, both longe and short. So that should cover the differences in location and lengths for axles
The design is based on centring the diff, not the drive unit. It’ll be too expensive to design something that uses the support bearing on the leaf gearbox. As they’re would be 2 different stub shafts, instead of one.

a stub shaft that works on both side of the gear box is much simpler and cheaper. Only change to gearbox is swaping a seal.
luckily vw axle shafts come in 1/2in increments so there’s many options for fringe setups that are unable to centre the differential completely. Along with spacers and the longer flanges!

based off the measurements of the leaf diff(without the bearing support) things will be very close to “plug and play” with the flange assembly.
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