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It has three Power leads (for 3 phase commercial chargers?) and two auxilliary leads. I've read a little about the commercial chargers out there. There's no power on the leads until you plug it in. The two aux leads can go to your charger and somehow interface or can be connected together maybe to complete the circuit back to the charger which will then energize the cable.

My charger is on board and I could do it the same way I guess but then I would need a home AND work charger unless I had an AC connection and a DC connection both wired into the plug. What I want to see is the electrical code for this device. I have the 2011 code on my computer so I guess I need to look it up. If I get time I'll read up on it and see what I can gather from it.

As it stands now, thus the need for a "STANDARD" code, we have two means of charging.
1. Onboard charger - You apply 120 or 240V to your charger when you plug in and the cord is hot all the time.

2. External charger - You plug in and it applies DC to your pack.

I can only imagine smart chargers scattered across the landscape that you and I stop for a quicky refill. When you walk up to it, you'll have to key in your pack voltage, max charging amps etc. Somehow it has to know how to charge your pack.
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