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J1772 combo or SAE combo DCFC

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I am looking for the best connector for DC fast charging. It looks like CHAdeMO is on its way out and a new standard has arrived; the SAE Combo which combines the J1772 with a DC, level 3 connector. It is very new so although there are some charging stations with the combo plug, I have not found a source for the socket. I really want this socket so that I can fast DC charge my car in less than 30 min and get on my way. If anyone knows where to buy an onboard charging unit with the SAE Combo, please let me know. I think this will not only speed up charging at public stations, it will also put an end to charger rage, plug stealing, charger hogging (cars abandon at the charger for hours.) It might also spell the end of gas and oil some day.
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Have you figured the protocol for using either standard on a conversion? That part is much harder than sourcing the hardware. SAE depends on where you are- it is mainly on Californican Compliance Cars, but CHAdeMO is everywhere in Oregon and Washington. That being said, the 2-wire SAE control seems much more DIY-friendly than CHAdeMO.
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