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J1772 w/ Avc2+Zivan Hiccups

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I've got an AVC2 from and a generic 75a socket. The charger is a reprogrammed ng3, pulling about 12a from the mains.

On an older clipper creek, everything works fine.
On a Chevy volt station, it starts charging, gets to 11a to the pack, them errors out the evse.
On a charge point station, it Errors out immediately.

I read the news on modularevcomponents' site and have tried adding in a 2.7k resistor to ground from the pilot with a diode before that. That didn't help.

The proxy also has a resistor to ground on the back side of the socket. For the life of me I cannot recall with certainty what it's value is at the moment.

Am I correct in thinking I may need a specific value on the proxy to tell the evse what my desired current is?