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J1939 Decoder / Analyzer/ Visualizer

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Does anyone have software capable of decoding, analyzing, or visualizing J1939 CAN bus messages?

It would really make my life easier.

Thank you!
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Well, there are some options. If you use windows you might try BusMaster:

I believe it can decode J1939 a bit. So can my program, savvycan:

SavvyCAN has generic CAN tools to do analysis. There is some support for J1939 ID decoding as well.

But, maybe what you wanted was to actually decode the CAN data in the data bytes according to what the J1939 ID says the data should be formatted as. I'm not aware of any cost effective way to do that. You could use Vector CANalyzer perhaps... if you have $12k to spend.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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