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Hello All,

I am new and was going to wait on posting till I'd informed myself better by reading the entirety of the absolutely massive "Using a forklift motor, and choosing a good one" thread. I'm only 1/3 of the way through it. However, I this weekend I acquired a bit of kit and my Google-fu is failing me.

I acquired a JAC Motors EV. I can't find any indication this model even exists but the models that do exist seem to be pretty much the same with some small iterative differences. Regardless, I can't find any info anywhere about how these things can be purchase or where one can gets parts. I'm not even sure how it is possible that this thing is even in the U.S.

Anyone have any useful info about JAC Motors in N.A.? About the only thing I can find is some spec sheets on the Chinese website and some marketing info in Russian and Portuguese from Brazil. There was a blub about partnering with someone in MS (Green Tech Automotive) who'll I'll contact when the work week starts, but there was no solid info from them either. It looked like there was an attempt at manufacturing something, but the info looks old and there's nothing current on the site that I could see.

About the car - it looks to be a version of the JAC J3 iEV. My main concern is sorting out where/if I can acquire a battery pack for it if it turns out the lithiums are beyond recovery and a description of the charging system. I'm really hoping the batteries have some internal protection that shut them down before they went completely flat and became unrecoverable. I can kludge together a charger if I knew what it required.

What little I know about it is in the pics attached. If I can't get the battery and charging system sorted out I'm not sure how I'll feed this thing with lead-acid. I'm converting a '66 Beetle and I'm afraid the batteries will double the weight of the car if that's the way I have to go.

I'm excited about this but I'm hoping someone might have some info to help with my reverse engineering this thing.

The pics are the vehicle tag in the engine compartment, the tag from the motor controller, the tag on the battery pack, a wide shot of the battery pack info, and the charge port.


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