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Jack is all in on Tesla, and not much into conversions anymore

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Haven't been to his site in awhile, but read a recent article:

in which he indicates that he no longer does much with conversions,

"EVTV has largely ceased to convert ICE cars to electric drive, which was long our only reason for life."

"And Tesla was largely the reason. Basically it costs between $20-40,000 to do a good build converting an ICE car to electric drive.
Tilt and tittle at that all you want, I did a lot of them and a lot of different ways and several were over $100k. Not really unusual among custom car enthusiasts and I expect those guys will be doing electric conversion show cars 50 years from now.

The Model 3 at $40k is a better car than I can do at $40k."

Interesting reading for sure.