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Jeep EV conversion ADC FB1-4001a terminal stud melted - repaired - 🔥 - repair or replace?

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After over 3 years of almost daily driving, I'm at another major repair or replace decision for our 1989 Jeep YJ conversion. (Some here might have seen it as the "Cheap Jeep" episode of Rich Rebuilds.) Anyway, we overheated terminal stud A1 while driving up a jeep trail through the woods like we had 100 times before; we smelled smoke and stopped and had a small fire that burnt the terminal cover and some rubber insulation for a few minutes before going out on its own (right before I was about to try to desparately smother it with ferns!) Now this terminal stud had trouble before when I had a loose connection and melted it, but I had put on a extension nut and made it work and we've been running it with no problem for about 3 years since that episode. Anyway, I'm looking at trying to fix it again - or just replace the whole thing with a Warp 9. So I have all sorts of questions (as usual,) but I'd be happy to hear thoughts on the following at least:
1. Has anyone else experienced this type of failure? If so what did you do to repair or replace?
2. Is the Warp 9 going to match the same adapter plate holes? And should we be able to use the same clutchless coupler that is part of the old EVA chevy S10 conversion kits?
3. The parts diagram of the FB1-4001a shows a brush and lead assembly kit FAO-2034AS. The wiring attached at the A1 stud looks frayed and overheated. I think I might need to replace this and the insulator and rubber washer and stud where it passed through the commutator end cap. Anyone have any idea where I might find these parts and how difficult this might be to replace?

However we get this running again I'm going to be sure to wire up the motor's temperature sensor to an alarm next time!
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Warp9's in a recent thread here are said to be $4 grand now...

Hopefully you'll find someone with a busted FB. I suspect a used FB these days is going to be close to $2k because everything seems to be sold out.
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