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Jims EV Raffle was RE:NEDRA Nationals Raffle motor

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Great Idea!

But, where is Jim going to come up with the TIME to put an EV on the road.

Maybe EVerybody that gets in on the raffle can show up at Jims place one weekend for a "build Jim's EV EVent" too!! (Tha

Stay Charged!
I-5, Blossvale NY

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> Behalf Of Rod Hower
> Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 3:07 PM
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> Subject: RE: NEDRA Nationals Raffle motor
> --- Jim Husted <[email protected]> wrote:
>>Between the different NEDRA EVent's it's close to
>>being a quarterly raffle thing already 8^P As a
> small
>>shop it'd be nice to eventually start building at
>>least a few for sale 8^o
> Jim,
> You put a lot of time and effort into these motors and
> are one of the critical players in making all of the
> new EV records!
> Here's another idea, you put together a nice 8 or 9"
> motor and raffle it out on YOUR paypal account! These
> type of raffles seam to raise considerable money for
> charities (raffling a car for example).
> I may be a cheapskate and acquire many many of my
> parts free like you mentioned earlier, but I would be
> willing to risk $20 to win one of your motors.
> Heck, with only 200 people playing your raffle you
> would have enough money to by a Zilla for YOUR own EV
> (and the chances of winning would be pretty good
Stay Charged!
I-5, Blossvale NY
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