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I decided that this conversion will be 36V rather than 48 that the Toro conversion was. See this conversion here....

The JD214 having a 4 speed transmission and not running a mower deck off the tractors electric mower, I believe 36V will be plenty. I would have like to used 48V but I was concerned it put to much weight forward of the rear wheels. The fourth battery would have needed to go foward, abopve the motor.
Running a mower deck would need the full 3300RPM this motor is capable of. But just as a yard tractor, I won't need this speed....We shall see....

Yesterday I got a lot done.....

Built a new dash and mounted the switches and gauges

Cut out a bit of the rear chassis for the rear battery. This tractor will have an electric Sleeve Hitch so all this area will be reinforced later

Welded a cross brace to support one of the front batteries

Mounted the motor

And installed the three batteries

Got the near perfect condition grill from the 214 I picked up on Sunday mounted...Love this grill!

Just need to wire it up, fabricate belt locator pins, paint the body panels and do a variator adjustment......And away we go!
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