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Juciebox 40 pro ver 8.11

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Juciebox 40 pro ver 8.11 do you have any suggestions on how to connect to an app? I have connected to the wifi but can not do anything thanks for your time

all the best
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You need to register the unit on a server before the app will work if it's anything like a Flow.
That seems to be the issue the server will not see it. It asks for a QR code but this one has no code. I even tried pasting the ID when I connected to the wifi area. So looking for suggestions on how to connect to the server.

thanks for your suggestions
Nobody can help you on that here. You need to email or call their tech/customer support.
Okay looks like I will need to scrap it and use it for parts as the new company will not respond to me. I thought it was created on this forum and kickstarted.

again thanks for your input have a great x-mas and new year.
They should respond unless it's stolen/pirated. Most companies are on holidays right now, so I'd wait a bit. Not sure of the origins of the box, but anything that homes to a server, which is pretty much anything on an app that you can access from anywhere, is a brick unless the company allows you server access. If the Juicebox is a webserver in itself, different story, but you said it ran an app vs in a browser window.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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