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Jukkas toy bus .. was:Re: A123 chemistry

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For commuting :)

I do all my daily driving with it. It has seriously tuned drive train.
30 kWh for 100 km. For a 14000 lbs BUS !

Calendar life will be seen. These cells were installed in early 2006.
(February) And used since. No degration on capacity yet. I mean NONE.
All 350 Ampere Horses are there. One cell has bad attitude but I'm
teaching it all the time with CCS.

There are 2 more of these buses and we are going to use them for show
casing the Lithium battery system in daily city traffic. System is ready
but I wan't to tune it still to be even more better.

I was hoping to transform this bus to mobile home some day. Add 1200 Ah
LiCos and Sauna.. of course !


Dmitri kirjoitti:
> That's good. Of course you have to think about calendar life as well.
> What do you use that huge bus for???
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> Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 5:40 PM
> Subject: Re: A123 chemistry
>> They give 100% DOD cycles out (from 2V to 4,3V) over 1000. In my case
>> I can expect at least 700 000 km (430 000 miles) on the Bus batteries
>> (before less than 60% 0f original capacity). :) I rarely drive more
>> than 100 km a day with the bus "green moster" (
>> ).
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