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Junk Fuses

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Hello, just a simple question right now I am finding old surplus fuses at a warehouse and would like to know if there is anyway to determine if they are salvageable some bussman's rated for 500 amps. How do I tell if a fuse is quick reacting? and just because it reads zero ohms does that mean its still good?
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If its a relatively modern fuse, you should be able to look up the number online and find all the specs. Try, as one example. As for zero ohms, chances are that means its OK but if it is heavily corroded or appears damaged, skip it. Also skip it if you can't find an equivalent fuse online. Otherwise you built your project around an irreplaceable part that is designed to blow to save the rest of the equipment. Finally, presuming you are building some kind of EV, make sure the fuse has an adequate DC voltage rating. It is NOT the same as an AC rating.

Good luck.
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