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So convincing my dad to help me convert a nice classic car into an electric isn't going to be easy. Considering that he's probably just going to help me buy the car and nothing else....jerk.

Beside the point...I got to thinking: What if I just went for an EBike for now until I could get enough money for a conversion. Hey it would get me around to where i need to be.

Are they just as serious as we are? Hell yeah.
I did some googling around and there are dozens of conversion kits out there along with a number of ready-made bikes.

I personally think this kit is the best out there for those of us who don't want to go 50-55 mph on a bike (which is illegal on the road). And for those of use who don't have a massive wallet.{12}32

Pretty nifty imo.
If you have not yet, check out this link. They have some pretty impressive bikes in their gallery Eric
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