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Just Getting Started - 1973 Corvette Coupe Conversion

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Hey, all! I look forward to learning and working with you through my journey to take this classic into the modern era. I'm in the very beginning phases of planning my conversion, and am excited/intimidated by the process that sits before me. Should be quite the journey!
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you can hit those numbers with a longitudinal DC motor in the bay bolted to the transmission and very little in the way of batteries, minimizes your fab work to almost nothing.
recommend getting one of those more sturdy four speeds, i think it's called the "rock crusher" or something, you'll need a decent clutch to hold good torque

the c3 never had a 4 gallon tank, the smallest it ever got was 17 gallons, so more like 200 miles of range on the highway

by the way, highly recommend getting some suspension upgrades along with 18" wheels and tires, there's sort of a golden guide on the corvette forums about how to take a stock corvette from borderline sketchy to drive to competent handling sports car for $1750

and if you want to make the frame not a wet noodle, some strategic welding stiffens it up dramatically
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That's a Muncie M22 4-speed, called that because it makes a lot of gear noise due to the low helix angle of the gears. I doubt you need that specifically, or even a transmission that strong, but something known for durability might be wise... although a motor with not much more than 200 hp peak output shouldn't have enough torque to be a problem for common transmissions.
it'd feel weird to me to not have something with at least 300 ft/lbs of torque, and remember that e-motor torque acts a little differently in a manual designed for gas cars, the instantaneous load can lunch stuff lower than it's rated for.

you (op) could look into wacky frankenstein stuff like siamese (bolted end to end, working on one combined shaft) nissan leaf motors or chevy Bolt EV motors, that'd be somewhat uncharted territory though
ah yes, the revolt motor casing


looks really promising although i'm curious how it'll work in the engine bay, like if it'll take up a ton of room that could be used for a chevy 350-sized battery box which uses the stock motor mounts as well
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