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Just starting my first EV Conversion 1970 Bug

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I've been wanting to do this for many years. Finally got the right car and I think I've put together enough knowledge to get started.
It's a sweet 1970 beetle with an amazingly clean body. Barely any rust thanks to someone coating the underside with something like rhinohide.

This is my plan so far:
DC motor - probably Netgain impulse9
enough batteries to get 128v (or something high enough to go 60-80mph), with about a 60mi range. I've got an old leaf battery, but I'm not sure I'll be able to salvage it for this. I think I'll try to build a battery from new 18650's following jehugarcia's methods.
The controller is still a bit of a question. I found one called Zeva MC600C, that I think might be the one.
And just today I started looking at onboard chargers.
I have a Leaf now with an eMotorWerks Juicebox charger in the garage. If I can use that to charge the bug great. I'm not planning to drive the bug everyday, so I could charge it with 120v since a slow charge won't bother me.

As for the rest of the car: The ICE is out, we're installing front disc brakes, new drive axels, and new spring-over shocks. The interior has been gutted (it has a working sunroof too), and is ready for a makeover.

That's the project so far. I'm always open for advice from anyone with more experience than me, which I assume includes everyone in this forum.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I'll be documenting the build progress at