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Just starting out

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I have been doing some research for about two months now just trying to get a ground of where to start a new EV and could use some help. I am going to make an EV from scratch. I am expecting this project to take about 3 to 5 years or so, thus I am in no rush at all. I still have tons to learn about a variety of things for this undertaking and I am pretty optimistic about it. I have been thinking about a good place to start, and after much deliberation I have decided to start with a motor and plan on from there. I definitely want to go with an AC motor. My budget that I plan on spending for the whole car is about 50,000, give or take 20,000 if need be for everything that i want in it. So back to starting with the motor I would like something around 250-300kw. Anyone have any suggestions? Again, I am just starting out, thanks for any help!

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If you're wanting to build the car as well, consider buying a kit. There are some very interesting kits available from Factory 5 Racing (famous for the AC cobra kit). One of their new ones is called project 818, for 818 kg. It's a mid engine layout that starts with a Subaru WRX for the majority of it's parts. If I remember correctly, they were also working on a similar kit based on the VW Jetta, for a diesel mid-engine 2 seat sports car. Either way, there's a great base for a mid-engine EV. :cool:

Also, it helps a lot to consider the base weight and especially the aerodynamic drag of the vehicle. If you're spending the majority of your time at highway speeds, a low Cd will be a big help for range.

There's a nice feed back-loop: Lower weight/less drag > fewer batteries needed > lower weight....
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