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Hello all

I have a K&W BC-20 Battery Charger for my 8 12 V Deep cycle marine batteries for my 1962 MG Midget home conversion and I don't know if the trouble I'm having charging the batteries is the charger or the settings.

I recently purchased a new set of batteries and had only charged a couple of times but the batteries didn't seem to be charging to their capacity. I found the Charger manual which stated "with no AC primary power adjust current control to min and voltage control to maximum. Connect power and slowly rotate current control till desired value"

When I did this the full battery pack charging current went to 118 and when it was finished charging the next day (12 hours) the battery pack (unplugged) was 109 gradually decreasing to 106 over 1 hour. This was the best charging I had ever gotten and thought I had finally figured out the ideal charging for my batteries.

So I drove the MG until it was discharged to ~80% (lowest battery charge was at 12.4v) and tried to charge again but the AMMETER needle went over 15 A and tripped the Charger. So I turned down the current but even all the way to MIN it still tripped the charger. Then I found another more detailed application and installation manual for the charger and it stated to set the voltage to 50% (which made more sense)and current to min and then plug in. This time I was able to actually adjust the current but couldn't get it to stabilize without tripping over 8A. Now it seems the batteries won't charge completely and I don't want to ruin them by this random charging. I don't know if its the charger or the settings.

Any advice would be very appreciated!

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