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Hi all

Even though I've had my DIY 62 MG Midget conversion for 12 years I have had EV help until recently and I am trying to understand all the electrical aspect so please forgive the newbie questions ;)

I recently purchase 8 12v 105AH 27TM American deep cycle batteries and have them connected to K&W BC-20 Charger.

First day of charging the battery pack only reached 104 V so I found the manual and followed the instructions:
"no power set V controller to MAX and Current controller to MIN - then plug in power
slowly turn Current controller until AMMETER reading is steady around 10(AMPS)"

At these settings the battery pack V was 118V and after 9 hours charger went into float voltage of 3A

The car was able to drive for almost 20 miles(100-200 amps for 30 minutes) before reaching 80% discharge(which was a first)

So I tried to charge that night with the exact same settings and the AMMETER needle swung widely until it tripped the charge. I eventually had to turn the V controller to 50% (instead of MAX which the "installation" manual actually suggested which made more sense) so that I could turn the Current controller at all(eventually to 50%)

I've got 3 questions:
1) What should the battery pack charge be at when charging(how long do i wait to test for this value) and is it harmful to the battery pack if the value doesn't get above 106v(battery v 13.0 -> 13.4 )
2) there are 2 batteries that consistently have a charge lower than the rest by up to .2 volts this bad?
3) Is it ok to charge whenever I get a chance even if its only for an hour or should I always wait till I can fully charge overnight?

Thanks for all the help!!
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