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Kandi Coco Err02

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Hello Community,

I am still at a loss of what to do with my 2009 Kandi Coco with less than 50 miles on it that is giving me the Err02 message when I turn it on. It will not operate in drive or reseverse. I have read some of the other forum posts from years ago and there is reference that this code correlates with an IGBT problem.

I received this message after descending down a steep hill and the vehicle has been non-operational ever since.

It has a Greatland controller in it. Everything is original.

Does anyone know what the IGBT looks like on this model?
Would it be within the controller housing or outside of it? I have opened the controller housing.

Is there some what to reset the controller, either with or without a computer?

I would really like to get this car up and running, as it is basically brand new, with new batteries, but due to this error, it is completely non-operational.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!