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Hey all,

As the profile suggests, you can call me Cain (pronounced cane). I’ve always been a big supporter of the push for green energy and it’s accompanying industries, including electric vehicles of course. However, as much as I like what Tesla has done in terms of creating a much more digestible form of EV for the broader market, I’m not a fan of their Apple-like approach in some aspects of their business model such as locking down baked in features behind paywalls, not a fan of their lack of internal communication.

Regardless, I still would love to drive an EV and I’ve even been contemplating building my own.

Part of the issue with conversions I’m seeing, from a very surface level observation, is making sure everything fits into a donor car. For some, it doesn’t seem to be an issue, but I’d rather not have to deal with it at all and build an EV completely from scratch so I can put in anything I want. To that end I’ve been designing it for the last couple of days, though being a member of this forum seems to be a very good step one in getting the design fleshed out.

I’m not very financially liquid right now, nor do I have the facilities to build one, but I’d like to have the design ready once I do have those things available.

Any future help will be much appreciated.
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