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I cut a lot of this from the endless-sphere but I wasn't getting much info about this there and wanted to see if you guys could help.

I have been working with my Kelly Controller for about a week now and have some questions about its functions and wiring. I also wanted to post up some other interesting configuration items of the controller. I was also going to blast off an email to Kelly too so that if things go unanswered hopefully I can post up the results here.

Things I have learned: (please correct me if I am wrong :oops: )

Setting Controller current for battery and motor is different than you think!

When setting the current in the controller first configure the motor current. This will be the phase current that you want your motor to see. The current is set in percentage of the max rating of your controller. My controller for example is 350 amp maximum and I have it setup for 35% of 350, so that equals 122 amps.

The battery current is also set as a percentage but not of the maximum amp rating of the controller but instead is of the calculated motor amperage. So I have my battery current set at 70%, which is 70% of 122 amps = 85 amps.

The controller is water resistant from the factory

The controller is rated for IP44 (Ingress Protection). The first number is protection against solid objects and 4 equals: Protected against solid objects over 1 mm (tools, wires, and small wires). The next 4 is Protection against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted.

On the KEB series battery current can only be set to a maximum of 70%(LAME! :evil: )

Speed mode verse Torque mode

This mode has nothing to do with the the halls spacing or advancing of the timing but is just the different ways the throttle adjusts the outputted power.

When your are in speed mode and adjust the throttle you are basically adjusting the output voltage on the phase lines of your motor. So if you keep the throttle at 20% you will only go to 20% of your top speed (ignoring all laws of physics)

In Torque mode you are strictly adjusting the current proportional to the throttle. The means even at 20% throttle you could reach 100% speed.

PRW / Power Pins wiring

Not too exciting but the black wire or gnd pin could be just cut off or left unconnected as it is tied internally in the controller to B-.

My questions about the controller and software:

1. First off I am still having an issue with always on regen. Anytime I ramp the throttle to a point that is below my current speed the controller does some re-gening. If I take the throttle all the way to zero it does shut this off. All regen options are off. Kelly said to: You may disable Regeneration function to try in GUI.Or you can set up the throttle starting position at 30%. I did try the disable in GUI and that didn't work. I have also tried the 30% thing and still no luck. I am still seeing peaks of 150 amps of regen going into my batteries and a continuous of around 1kw at times.

2. I have a brake switch which can be used for shut down of the motor and also appears to activates some regen mode but there is also a micro switch pin that is tied with the throttle. Any idea what this controls?

3. Boost “ If enabled, the controller will ouput max power right after brake signal > 4.2v or wire brake switch to 5v and a switch to activate. SOOOO, If brake switch is shorted to 5v then you get maximum power output. Does this mean when it is short I am getting the maximum of the controller (ie 350amps 100%) or the percentage of the output I have setup in the software (ie 122 amps 35%)

Turbo “ If enabled, the controller will output max power right after brake signal > 4.2v or add switch ect. SOOO, if I short the brake switch then I get half of the maximum current.

Boost = Current override
Turbo = Half power or econ switch

It also seem like these function would be the micro switch I was talking about above.
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