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Kelly KLS14401-8080IPS pre-charge

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For anyone interested, I wanted to find out what the delay time for pre-charge is for a KLS14401-8080IPS, so I sent this question into Kelly:

Since the internal capacitance is not listed, with a KLS14401-8080IPS using the suggested 2K 20W resistor?

Their response:

The capacitance is 5160uF.

Given that, the basic RC time constant is 103ms, but that is only to 63.2%. To get near 100% multiply that by 5 up to 516ms. So a little over a half a second is how long you should wait for pre-charge before opening the HV contactor(s).
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Make it 1 sec. it is not a big time to wait ;)
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Absolutly. Not knowing the capacitance I just wasn't sure how long to wait since nothing is documented and 2K is a huge value for many controllers.
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