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For Sale: $699
Kelly KLS96601-8080I Comes with gigavac GX14BA Contactor, It all was used for one year(800mi) before I saved up for a sevcon. All Clean
24-96V 600A Brushless Motor Controller (actual usable voltage is 18-120VDC)
Comes with Serial Adapter and Bluetooth adapter.
Has all mating connectors and crimp pins. I had ordered 2 sets when I bought it so you get the set I never Used.
I recently upgraded to a sevcon and let me tell you, the Kelly was MUCH MUCH easier to install and get running. The controller had motor Auto Identify so you don't even need to enter all the PID parameters, it figures it out.
Being able to change settings with my phone over bluetooth was also much easier.
You pay shipping from Utah zip 84121

Here is a link to a similar one for sale with all the features.

Attached image is a stock one from the site above. Mine looks the same.


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