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The Kelly speed controller on El Moto (electric motorcycle) is programmable.

I want to go in & see where this controller is set at from the factory & maybe do/try some adjustments

I have the RS232 connector that's needed to attach to a computer

The users manual is vague on the subject

it says,


You can configure the controller with a host computer

- Disconnect motor wiring from controller
- Do not connect B+, throttle & so on. The controller may display a fault code in some conditions, but it doesn't affect programming or configuration.
- Use a straight thru RS232 cable or USB Converter provided by Kelly to connect to a host computer.
- Provide >+18V to PWR (either J2 pin 1). Wire power supply return to any RTN pin.

- Make sure that the motor is disconnected before trying to run the Configuration software!

So, to be sure, I sent an E-mail to Kelly:


I am going to connect RS232 USB port to configure the controller.

What needs to be disconnected from controller?

The (3) big cables only

or the J1 & J2 connectors also?

Thanks, Kevin

Their answer:


As long as the motor is not running,you can connect it to user program.

You need to apply battery voltage for J2 pin1 and B- before programming,nothing else.



So, does this mean

YES, unhook the motor
...then supply power & negative
...before programming


No, just don't operate the motor
...while programming?


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