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I'm using a KAC7250N at 80 volts, finding the hardware to be quite competent. All the signal grounds are connected internally, and isolated from B-, so you can tie them to chassis ground. I chose to leave them floating, and for further isolation went with bluetooth rather than rs232.

But the documentation and downloadable software SUX. Definitely not ready for prime time. It is up to the user to determine what effect changing parameters have on performance through direct experimentation, since parameter descriptions in the manual are incomplete. And this is difficult, because none of the parameters can be changed on the fly, and the connection to the controller has to be broken for a road test and later re-established every time a parameter is tweaked.
Parameters are named by varying criptic abbreviations, usually without units appended, no datalogging whatsoever. When they introduce an updated version, they don't bother to increment the release number!

Their android app intentionally quits if it detects the motor rotate!

Regen was working fine for me at up to 30%, but then suddenly became very unstable, causing violent shuddering. No change in parameters could fix it, and ultimately their support suggested not to use Regen. So now I have no regen.
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