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Kia Ora from New Zealand

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this year I have decided to start a project car, then I saw Gav's EV (kiwiEV) on youtube, quite inspiring !
Im still debating weather to do this or renovate the house ?

my goal would be a daily driver that can commute 20k (12.4mile) to work , half town driving & half open road (100kph / 62mph) then home again.
then in the weekend drive 145k (90 mile) to Wellington, at mostly 80 & 100kph,
is this feasible on a modest budget or do I need to keep the guzzler for that trip ?
i was thinking of starting with a kit like ones from from "EV propulsion"
Motor Impulse 9
controller Curtis 1231C-8601 and everything else
for around $7000, however shipping may be a killer ?
is there anywhere closer to, or in New Zealand that can supply ?
I have plenty of friends and acquaintances who are electricians mechanics and fabricators who will help keep costs down.

ideally id like a MR2 or RX7 but foresee going with the cheapest donor I can find.

look forward to meeting, chatting & being inspired !
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Hello and welcome!:)

90 miles @ 80 KPH can be done but it won't be cheap. 90 miles at 100KPH will be tough even with a larger budget. Cruising speed catches up with you really fast, unfortunately.

The daily commute of 20k would be very easy to reach though (even if that's only one way).

Some stuff from china can be good but its often a case of hit or miss. Unless you've seen another example of that product being used, I'd caution against being the first to try.
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