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Kids Car Battery

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Hello, forgive if this is in the wrong forum (also, I’m really new to this, so go easy). I’m trying to fix up an old 6V ride on kids car for my son that we found at the side of the road. I’m going to replace the old 6V 4Ah battery with a new one, but I’ll need to buy a charger for it too. What kind of charger hooks up to the lead in the attached photo? Does anyone know the name of the lead?
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Wrong forum for sure. Try a Power Wheels forum for more helpful information.

The connector looks like 4 pin flat trailer connector. You are only using 2 pins so you could put any properly rated connector there. Search "10 gauge 2 pin quick disconnect" on amazon that should plug into many trickle chargers, get a 6v one. When you buy a new battery it will probably come with a similar connector, with a fuse under the plastic cover.

If you have a car charger with a 6v option hook it up to make sure you aren't sinking money into something with many issues. If you need motors and a battery a new one may be cheaper.
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