Hi all, I you are looking for a compact high power battery system, ready for use, maybe this is for you. Here for sale is the following package deal:

Seven modules of Kokam SLPB 53Ah NCM cells. Each module is 2p4s, so 14.8V, 106 Ah nett. Total pack is 11 kWh. See datasheet (first line) for details of these very high quality cells. (high energy and 5C cont, 8C peak!).
An eight module for spare is included (1.57 kWh).
They are mounted in a compact and safe polycarbonate housing, and filled with silicone.
They are already wired with connectors to an Orion BMS system.
Included is the Orion BMS master module, all the BMS wiring, a spare thermistor expansion BMS module, current sensor, and intermediate high voltage wiring between the modules. Also a metal frame to mount it into your application.
Less than 10 charge/discharge cycles (came from one of my research projects).

Pick up possible or your courier. Located in The Netherlands. Only 1800 Euro. More pictures or details on request.