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Land Cruiser EV

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Hi, I would like to convert a Toyota land cruiser 2001 automatic transmission to an electric vehicle. Is it possible to be done on an automatic transmission, and I would like to use it for mud driving which motor should I go for an AC or DC and what type of batteries to get the highest range and also I have no idea about controllers anyone would like to help :D
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Hi madderscience. I kinda have the same question. Did you mean just mate the electric motor to the standard Automatic Transmission and choose either 3, 2, 1 on the A/T gear lever and stick to one gear?
That's a terrible idea for a few reasons, but one of them is that a conventional automatic transmission is designed for the engine to be turning at idle speed or greater all of the time. That means that the motor will pointlessly spin even when the car is not moving, using power and producing nothing useful.

When people converting vehicles to EVs use an automatic, they significantly modify the transmission to make it workable. For most applications, this is a needlessly expensive and complex approach.
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