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Land Rover Discovery 3? Why not?

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Hi all
i have been looking and lurking for a while.... I cant quite get to the bottom of my question... so I thought I might reach out and ask you (the experts) as to why you can or cannot convert a Land Rover Discovery 3 to full electric?
I was thinking of using a manual 2004MY without air suspension ... to keep things simple? OR a commercial (2 seats but with air suspension)...
It for my job. I do a max of 65 miles a day but need the room to carry dogs. I have an Outlander ICE at the moment... it has been great but it is well past its best before date! I looked at the likes of the env200 but the cost appears to ahve gone up a lot in the last few years.. and with no awd or low ratio and no towing capacity it limits things a bit!

I also have a Discovery for lugging stuff.. where I live is restricted access with a tight 90 left and right over an old weight limited rail bridge... nothing over a 8t can come up the hill... so it all comes up in my Land rover or in my Ifor Williams tipping trailer..

So - basically I want to have one vehicle that is electric and can do it all. I know an older series or Defender can be converted, however i really need the comfort of a more modern vehicle (I had to learn to walk again and have very bad back problem to this day alas)...

So sorry for my life story..but I hope it helps provide a backstory as to my thoughts and choice of vehicle?

So... can it be done? What are the issues with the likes of the ECU(s)... OR should I just buy an older env200? :confused:

Thanks All