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I’m converting a Land Rover defender using Tesla battery packs ( 5) Curtis motor and controller and emus bms.
im mocking up the batteries and want to get them charging. I sourced all the parts from electric motorsport in Calafornia and am struggling to get the emus bms to talk to my phone or laptop. Has anyone any experience of this as hell would be greatly appreciated. I’m near Manchester Uk and am an experienced diy mechanic, I’ve built several kit cars and car ice conversions but this is my first attempt at EV conversion.
Hi there. I came across your question. I am considering a conversion of a 1970s Series II Land Rover. Would you mind if I pick your brain a little to get an idea of how you went about your conversion? I'm quite keen to understand parts required, where you managed to source, and any structural or other changes you are making to the car.
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