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Land Rover LWB Series II conversion

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Hi all,

I'm looking to convert a 1967 LWB series IIa to electric and was wondering if you might be able to help. The chassis is stable although considering rebuilding on a galvanised chassis, but that’s a bit beside the point.

The current plan is to use a hyper 9 motor, and I was hoping to have ~64kwh battery capacity (if not more!) and was wondering if you had any ideas or suggestions on battery modules and their placement for adequate weight distribution?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding was that if using 5.3kwh Tesla modules, you could place 6 under the bonnet and then place the other 6 where the fuel tank is.

Any advice on the best way to fabricate battery boxes also much appreciated.
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Do not use a Hyper 9 motor if you want that big a pack, go for a propper high voltage setup.
Is there another motor in particular you’d recommend?
This all depends on your requirements, like how fast you want to charge and what sort of performance you want from the vehicle.

given that you mention 64 kWh of battery it will end up being heavy and will on average consumer 1 kWh per 2 miles. This means your vehicle is heavy and thus you need a higher continuous rating of the electric motor, a Hyper 9 is very limited in its continuous duty.
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