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96v Motors - More Advice Needed

This is for the following EV boat. See discussion for more information.


On perfectly Flat water with no wind, I will only need about 10kW to keep Hull Speed.
  • But.. when is it ever perfectly flat with no wind.
  • I will have a 85kWh Battery that can do 500amps at less than 1C.
  • Most trips will be under 20 miles so not afraid to just chow thru battery for small speed gains
  • Want the ability to maintain hull speed even in wind / chop
  • This is a test system for a much larger boat
  • I can re-gear to get 1900 RPM (Belt system)
Due to the above, I am looking for the most powerful 96v motor/controller that can run continuously at 250 amps. 96v * 250amps = 24Kw motor. something that is not pushing its self at 250amps.

Preliminary research is leading me to these options. But I may be missing a lot. Any feed back on AC induction vs Water cooled Permeant Magnet?
  • What runs better at sustained load
  • what are more robust

Motors DC and PMAC :: ME1616 - would be coupled with a large Curtis controller.

AC-50 / AC-51 AC Induction Motor Drive
AC-50 72-108 Volt 650 Amp Kit
HPEVS AC50, complete motor conversion kit. Includes motor, controller, contactor, display, wiring harness, choice of throttle, and custom programming.

Would love your feedback

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