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Latest news for CCS charging

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So im planning on getting model 3 batteries for my conversion but i really need ccs and dont really know where to start
I know there is 1 forum but its not clear weather it actually worked or not.
So do we know and bms that can support ccs
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I'll leave the question of what BMS works with what charging method to others who know more about it.

There is at least one video of a teardown of a Model 3 battery pack, and that's all I have seen of anyone doing anything with a Model 3. It is likely that there have been more Model 3's built than all other Tesla models combined, but they're all still so new that they are not yet commonly available as salvage, so the components (battery or motor) are not being used for conversions yet.

Also, the Model 3 modules are so long that they are unlikely to be useful in another vehicle, unless it also uses a similar under-floor battery pack... and that's a rare choice in conversions and custom cars.
... i really need ccs...
Given this...
I did some exploratory research regarding CCS and other DC fast charge solutions for DIY. Currently there is some support for CHAdeMO as it's a much simpler protocol.

I read elsewhere that the company behind the Orion BMS was working on CCS support - but it's not a current feature of their product. The Orion BMS 2 does support Chademo natively though.
... why CCS? Is there a reason that you need specifically CCS, and not CHAdeMO?
Chademo is dying to be honest
In my area there are like barely any chademo
If there is its always taken but tons of CCS
CHAdeMO versus CCS is really a battle of EV manufacturer sales by region. CHAdeMO is the Japanese standard, which means basically the Nissan Leaf, while CCS was the European and North American manufacturers' choice... meaning GM and a few token VWs. With the Koreans and some additional Euro brands joining the mix and the Koreans going CCS, it has become Nissan versus the world.

It will be interesting to see what's on a Honda or Toyota EV.

As long as charging stations provide both, you can use whatever is easier. If charging stations are abandoning the Leaf (and possibly other Japanese EVs) and going CCS-only, that would be a reason to require CCS.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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