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Latest news for CCS charging

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So im planning on getting model 3 batteries for my conversion but i really need ccs and dont really know where to start
I know there is 1 forum but its not clear weather it actually worked or not.
So do we know and bms that can support ccs
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I did some exploratory research regarding CCS and other DC fast charge solutions for DIY. Currently there is some support for CHAdeMO as it's a much simpler protocol.

I read elsewhere that the company behind the Orion BMS was working on CCS support - but it's not a current feature of their product. The Orion BMS 2 does support Chademo natively though.

I too would like CCS charge capability in my project but I've basically accepted the fact that for me it's not a fantastic idea, as I'm unlikely to have active cooling in place for the battery.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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