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Latest news for CCS charging

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So im planning on getting model 3 batteries for my conversion but i really need ccs and dont really know where to start
I know there is 1 forum but its not clear weather it actually worked or not.
So do we know and bms that can support ccs
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To clarify i saw a forum post where they were talking about dc charging and ccs specifically. Is there a bms that supports ccs charging. And does using a model 3 battery work with a conversion
After some digging i found this:

Its expensive and probably not worth it but it exists

I found a 75kwh model 3 battery pack for 9.5k and saw a video on ev west where they used model 3 battery pack.
Chademo is dying to be honest
In my area there are like barely any chademo
If there is its always taken but tons of CCS
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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