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Lawless Bike on American Chopper

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Just finished watching Part 1. I'll be nice and just say I'm glad I had a chance to hear the times the bike really runs first from Shawn on NEDRA's Yahoo Group. I've since unjoined myself from that Group, but while I was there Shawn shared his progress in real time - it's running 7.40s @ nearly 180mph now. There was a lot of talk on the show, but not a lot of "building" going on, and perfectly finished parts just magically appeared... :D

I figured as much when I heard about the first 7 second pass, and was glad to see that a real motorcycle drag racing shop built the chassis. Looking forward to seeing a seven-sec pass on TV cameras next week...
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What are they using for a motor on the Lawless bike? It looks like a 13" motor.
It's a rebuilt 13" GE forklift motor from Dennis Berube's Smokescreen S10 pickup. It turned and 11.08 (I think that's right) in the pickup, with the lithium pack from his dragster in it.

Are you familiar with the times it has run since the show was taped?
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