It is time to disband my DIY EV project, the vehicle will never show up and now prices for another similar car are out of my reach.

I have 15 Leaf battery modules (8kWhr) "Lizard Cells" from a 2017 replacement pack (2012 car w/24kwhr battery) for $110/ea, or $1200 for all modules.

There are also various other parts that might help someone get a project started or completed:
  • 2005 Prius Inverter/converter/dc-dc $100
  • 2012 Leaf main battery relay block $75
  • 2012 Leaf battery heater relay $50
  • 2012 Leaf battery harness (SoC harness) $25
  • 2012 Leaf HV Harness $25
  • 2012 Leaf BCM $75
  • 2009 Toyota 12v aux PTC heater $50

All plus applicable shipping, it would really be best if you arranged to pick it up due to weight.

Or, take it all for $1600 and I will include the various wires and cables I have.

Willing to travel for the right deal, but need to keep it under 4 hours from zip 55306.

Updated 28-July-2022