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Leaf Module/BMS Questions

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I needed to replace the lead/acid batteries in "El Ohmbre" so I got a 2013 Leaf pack and configured it into two banks of 20 modules each for a 150v system like Wolftronix has explained in detail on this forum in another thread. My controller and motor should handle the increased voltage. Everything fit nicely into my existing battery boxes.

Wolftronix looks like he's very close to finishing up his project and I'm hoping to have him modify my Leaf BMS like he's doing to his.

I understand that we need the BMS to prevent "thermal runaway" of the lithium batteries. I also think I understand that the BMS basically does two functions. It balances the cells and monitors the voltage in each cell. Then when any problem is detected it somehow takes appropriate action. I also see that there are three thermal probes. So the BMS is doing some thermal monitoring but obviously not monitoring each module.

I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a source of information about how the cells are balanced including a sample circuit if possible and how is the voltage monitored? I'm also looking for additional information about these Leaf modules such as what is their optimal voltage range and how aggressively they should be charged. Basically just some information so I'm not operating completely blind once I make the final connections.