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leaf motor and inverter

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3 phase motors can spin in either direction but does anyone know if the DC/AC inverter will allow the motor to spin in the opposite direction at full speed? My range extender will need to run a gear "increaser" to take the 2000rpm of the TDI to perhaps 5500-6000rpm to generate power for the battery. If it can run opposite direction, I only need 2 gears in the case, otherwise, I need 3. Any thoughts?
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Sorry I didn't read your post correctly. It will depend on the inverter and how you control it but it shouldn't be a problem

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It is a complete Leaf package so the inverter that comes with the leaf will have to be able to handle the higher power constantly rather than just during regen, which, I assume, could be the same thing. But I am not sure so I was hoping someone knew the technical details about the leaf inverter.
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