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AC Synchronous motor is actually quite a wide statement, as it can be a PM, reluctance, self-excited, seperately excited motor and still be synchronous. Actually, their is about 3 reluctance type motors. Just branding it as synchronous doesn't really tell you much. It most probably is a self-excited synchronous motor (the type used in most generators), but that still leaves a couple of choices on how the excitation works. These motors generally have a field winding on the rotor, which would be excited by a small generator on the shaft (can be 3phase, in which case the shaft would also carry the rectifiers). This is the setup used for most gensets (which is basically a synchronous motor driven by a machine or engine).

In my opinion, if it is a self-excited synchronous motor, it loses out against both ACIM and PMSM, as it is a very good generator, but it has lower pull-out torque than either of the other types. I prefer more torque rather than better regen.

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