I'm cleaning house! I'm mostly looking to get rid of the power distribution module and HVAC unit, but I included some other stuff I'd throw in as well.

Convenience is king for me, so I'd rather not ship this stuff. Make an offer and come pick up...Ballpark figures:

PDM and CHAdeMO cables- $500
HVAC - $100
Compressor - $100
Wiring harness - $200

Everything was working when pulled from the 2014 wreck I bought 2-3 years ago. The wiring harness has been cut in spots (most notably the part that goes to the inverter), but is mostly intact. I think I have every friggin' wire in the car here, with some fuse boxes (possibly smushed).

For the bits and bobs and steel brackets and what not, well, it's just not worth shipping, but if you want to pick them up, you can pretty much have 'em.