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LED SMD Car Dome Interior

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Got sight on LED Car Dome Interior lights from Ebay. The image is shown below:

Its voltage and current specifications are:
Voltage: 12V: for Cars, Motorbikes and Caravans

Power: 1.5W

Since I am using 12 V. using the calculator I calculated the amount of resistance which it offers which is 96 ohms.

Now I want two led's to be placed one on top and one at bottom of plate. Here I am using the Parallel calculator to find equivalent resistance. place two LEDs in parallel. The overall resistance now drops down to 48 ohms. Now the power will go to 3 watts instead of 1.5 (doubled). Is it okay to use this configuration or I have to make some change instead?
Please guide.
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Yes, it is okay. One would be fine too though.
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