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legalizing a 1911 Ford model T conversion

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Hi again, I am in the Midlands UK, I am in the final throws of completing the conversion of my 1911 Model T, I have heard many comments about how to legalize my car, but has anyone in the UK had actual experience which they would be willing to pass on, there have been many changes to my original thoughts but the final result, I am very satisfied with, in short, the whole of the petrol system has been removed, the petrol tank, (cleaned out) remains purely for aesthetics, I have not altered the chassis or original sump, the motor is just 7kw as opposed to the original 20hp (15kw) engine, the existing mechanical braking system remains, plus an additional electric braking system, speed restrictor set at 25 mph, do I need to notify DVLA, do I need an MOT, which is best insurer, any help very much appreciated
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