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I just bought a Volt, and would like to simplify the charging, and make it more subtle. I have free power in my apt garage as it's detached, but would rather keep parking in my outdoor space so I can keep my workshop. The landlord said it needs to be subtle. There is nothing subtle about the J1772 plug out the side of the charging port.

I'd like to hardwire the EVSE into the car, and just leave a nema 5-15p up in the front bumper, so I can just run a short standard extension cord from under there to the power plug near my space(2 foot cord). I would be unplugging the molex connector behind the charging port, and hard wiring in a new connector that I sourced ($45 for just that one side, crazy).

From my experimentation, and research, the Volt will power up with the charging cord plugged in (even when not plugged into the wall ), but not shift. It is locked. I would need to trick the car into thinking that the EVSE wasn't plugged in.

There is a Proximity Pin connection and a Pilot Pin Connection on the J1772 standard. Would putting a disconnect switch on the Proximity Pin connection do the trick? Or would the Volt still sense the Pilot Pin? Would I need to do both?

Ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks from a newb.
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