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Got my hands on bunch of modules so if anybody wants to buy some from me, let me know.

Price: €300 per module.

Photos in album:

They are not used what I have heard. But not 100% sure. From a project from Volvo. These modules are used to Volvo XC90 T8, 6 modules per car. The newer version of Volvo cars have higher capacity, 11.6kwh, so these are leftovers from Volvo.

Not sure what capacity they are. Volvo have 9.2kwh, 10.4kwh, 11.6kwh for the XC90. But I assume that they are 9.2kwh (6 modules) so they is about 1.53kwh, 26ah per LG chem pouch cell. Not tested.

I don't have a charger so can't fully charge them. But they show partly full, 3.6v of 3.8v per cell so they aren't dead. But I won't give anybody warranty or guarantee that it is like new.

The only pricing I know is the whole battery pack with 6 modules is $12k as in That is $2k per module.
So I could sell them for maybe 500 per module or bid. I have said this before but 300-350 is probably more reasonable.

No BMS so you must use one of your own. Not my responsibility if you damage it.

Located in EU, Scandinavia. So probably can't ship to US and other countries.
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